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Logbook Extracts

Constant Console Table

Central London is full of people, millions of flats crammed together, squeezing every ounce of space possible, i.e. space is a serious luxury. On top of this, no matter how small a space, most people find it all too easy to misplace their iPhone, or house keys or that work report they have to find. Therefore, with this project, I wanted to create a piece of furniture that had a place for everything, putting an end to the stress of leaving the flat in the morning.


Consumer questionnaires as well as client discussions gave an insight into the typical products that would need to be accommodated for. Designed at A2 level and aimed specifically at a young professional, the final proposal met her tastes, but the concept itself would appeal to a large section of society. Slender in proportions and only occupying as much space as required, the final product was both ergonomic, with drawers, hidden compartments and key hooks, and aesthetic utilizing a Scandinavian inspired design.

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