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Bake Buddy Mixer

(1st Year)

Most children love baking with their parents and they usually want to do it all themselves, from measuring the ingredients to mixing it into a delicious concoction. However, when it comes to using the food mixer their face falls as they realise this is where the parent takes over, as a machine with rapidly rotating blades is not exactly safe for a 5-7 year old. With this in mind, I wanted to create a totally child friendly mixer.
Through extensive research it was discovered that whilst there is a large difference between a 5 year olds cognitive development and a 7 year olds, an interest and curiosity about how things work was the common link, sparking the idea of making it manual. By exposing the gears, the child remains captivated, enjoying their baking independence. Playful and friendly, the USP of this product is the whisk blades, one is shaped normally and placed centrally whilst the other is curved to run alongside the edge of the bowl thereby eliminating the need for a spatula. Power assistance ensures the child’s involvement is maintained, allowing them to explore their capabilities in a safe environment.
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