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Ursula Ankeny  Product Designer

Solving problems through drawing and making is a part of my everyday thinking. Having graduated with a first class degree, I am particularly interested in user-centred design.


The psychological and physical issues that drive the creative process fascinate me, the way they can be used to adapt a product to make it easier and more enjoyable to interact with. For me, the user is at the centre of the creative process, their needs are the priority, we are designing to help them. 


I revel in the challenge of problem-solving everyday issues through user-centred solutions, analysing existing products, devising new approaches. I enjoy teasing out a problem, pencil in hand, filling a blank page with a range of possibilities both feasible and out of the box, honing and perfecting them to reveal the final outcome. Design is hugely engaging, requiring constant innovation to improve and refine, a process that I find hugely stimulating.


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