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(2nd Year)

Traditionally a symbol of social gatherings, the ‘salver’ or serving tray has evolved into an object that opposes its original purpose, little more than a TV dinner tray. Lost in a society that has become more introverted and focused on solitary activities, I sought to return serving platters to their original objective with a Mellor- inspired modern day solution.

A project inspired by David Mellor, research into current products unlocked the principles behind their visual language. Material honesty underpinned his work, a refusal to embellish but rather enhance the natural appeal of materials. REN juxtaposed dark, riveted slate with the raw warmth of three copper bowls, intensifying their beauty making it a striking product. Use of a food safe lacquer preserves the aesthetics whilst enhancing the ergonomics allowing it to be used with any foods. Appealing in both a visual and tactile way, the form emanates the original salver, reinforcing it once again as an emblem of socializing and communal dining.

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