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Express Kenwood

(2nd Year)

Run as a live project in collaboration with Kenwood, we were  asked to design a new breakfast range in response to current and future aesthetic trends. 

With a growing trend for Instagram posts of meals, ‘foodies’ are putting more thought into their meals and want a product that enriches their time in the kitchen.  Practicality, versatility and high quality are important criteria, but aesthetics are key for this demographic. They want kitchen equipment that is striking and that reflects the value they place on food preparation. 

​The final toaster design uses the copper trend as inspiration by incorporating this warm, high quality material in a simple elegant way. The design also addresses practical issues including larger slots for versatility, language free symbols, easy to use slider and buttons and a simple form for ease of cleaning. Together with a Juicer designed in with the same aesthetic, this equipment gives its owner a distinctive look and enhances how they express themselves in the kitchen.

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