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Micro-Micro Scooter


The brief for the micro-micro scooter, was challenging, seeking to resolve the issue of an adult size portable scooter-  the catch being it had to be able to fit into an A4 foot print when collapsed yet support the weight of an adult when in use. Physical modelling was repeatedly used as a tool to help refine the design. 
Ease of extension was key but aesthetically it had to appeal to commuters. Modelling with straws and card, two concepts were conceived- one using a concertina mechanism whilst the other used a telescopic one. Concept 1 unlocked and collapsed the handlebars rotating along the front wheel by 90 degrees to be easily carried - a radical redesign of the typical push scooter. On the other hand, there was the telescopic scooter, highly inclusive as it can be adjusted to meet different heights, it was also a more efficient use of material. Personally, I prefer the concertina mechanism purely because it is such a different aesthetic.
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