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A Mouse Reconsidered

(1st Year)

Whenever I interact with a computer mouse, I barely look at it, I just place my hand on top and begin to use it. I saw this First Year project as an opportunity to change that, to expose the complexity of the inner mechanics, making it a product in its own right rather than one which is purely functional. 
Inspiration was derived from Spanish architect Calatrava, his ethos centring around using the structural elements of his buildings as aesthetic features. Designed and produced in CAD, a unique mouse was created whereby the mechanics are celebrated leading to a visually intriguing product. Ergonomically, the shape of the mouse maintains the wrist in a neutral position reducing the risk of RSI whilst highly sensitive clickers aid users with dexterity issues. Made from ABS, this mouse puts a new spin on the typical aesthetic, revealing what is so often hidden, making it stimulating to interact with.
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