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One Man Stand

(1st Year)

Al fresco vending is a difficult job, with the vendor having to contend with the weight of the contents, outdoor elements whilst still being able to interact with a customer at the drop of a hat. With this in mind, a team of us were challenged to design and make a test rig to aid in selling mulled wine and mince pies.


Market research showed that the market sales potential of the vendor was increased if they could wear the different parts. Designed to distribute the weight throughout the vendors' body, a 3 part test rig was created consisting of: a front tray (to store and heat the mince pies), a barrel-like rucksack (to distribute and store the mulled wine) and a belt with columns on each side to store cups. Highly ergonomic, the vendor still had a lot to carry but the distribution of weight meant it was easier to use.

Logbook Extracts

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